WordPress 101: A Dummies Guide

In WordPress’s early years, users flocked over it due to its ease of use.however, users that know their way around coding and technical work were able to heighten WordPress’s full potential by manipulating the framework themes and features.

This gives WordPress more to offer. Because of that, a large community of developers has grown around WordPress, from making downloadable content, building, releasing, and mixing up all sorts of features for people to use.

Domain Name

The domain name is technically the brand of your website. This gives your website or brand a good ‘ring’; you can buy domain names to lessen the hassle of making one. Once purchased, you entirely own that “brand.”

Domains usually end in “.com” or “.net” but modern domains also have “.video”, “.agency”, “.design” depending on what you’re going for

Tips to Choose Your Domain

  • May it be a business, a blog, or even a website, it is essential to register it as your domain name. This will add accuracy when people search for it. This also legitimizes your website. 
  • Try making it easy to remember; your domain name should be as good as your website.

There are many ways to get a domain name, but sites such as Godaddy and Namecheap can help you by lessening the hassle and buying a domain name; however, just like Bluehost, it will only require you to make a website which will reflect it as your domain name. However, there are compromises to it. 

Hosting Your WordPress Website

A website is a vast collection of texts, files, scripts, and images, i.e., codes. All that data is compressed into a hosted server.

Rather than buy a server of your own, you can simply ‘rent’ some space in a server through a monthly subscription by professional companies known as web hosts/hosting companies.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a popular choice for WordPress website owners due to easy management and cheaper rates, not to mention its overall availability.

Web hosting companies host websites on a server that’s privately shared with other website owners to make shared hosting a lot cheaper for both professionals and beginners

But take note that shared hosting isn’t really ideail because the cheap host providers usually cram as many users as they can on a single server to reduce costs. But doing this compromises speed as it makes the website slow because it limits the resources. This results in a slow website. You can avoid this by checking out Walton IT’s own hosting plans. You can contact us today to learn more and to maximize your site’s potential and number of visitors.

Cloud Hosting

This option is similar to shared hosting, where your site will reside on a server and other sites.

But, because you happen to use the cloud, this means you don’t have a permanent home page to start. If something were to happen with your resources, your site automatically moves to another server to support it.

VPS Hosting

Virtual private server hosting is renting a server’s resources just for yourself; no sharing. This also means that it will be more expensive than shared hosts, but this time you’ll have more control over a lot of things, especially on your site’s capacity and performance.

There are still some restrictions, like regarding the amount of bandwidth or storage you have to work with.

Dedicated Hosting

This is when you have an entire server for yourself. This is what you need if you like to ensure a smooth and hasle-free connection because you are not sharing bandwidth with other websites. In simpler words, you have all the space to yourself. In this case, your website.

Some of the popular shared hosting providers are:

  • Godaddy
  • Bluehost

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are external features you can use to change the behavior of your website. Such plugins handle linking from the website to your social media page, photos, multimedia, calendars, time, and even contacts!

If you’re searching for a feature, like a specific feature, chances are. It is an available plugin. 

Some plugins are interactable by visitors.new slides your website’s the front page is an easy example. Other plugins aren’t all visual. Some work as security protocols or data backups. Others help detect bugs. 

Plugins range from free to premium to paid. Some plugins use business strategies like plugin-lite, where you get the plugin’s general idea but limited to its features. 

Themes control your website’s general mood from fonts, colors, stylings, page layouts, sounds, images, and even gifs. These are all found and featured in themes and are used for your website. 

What’s fun about these is that they are as similar as templates. They’re all downloadable and easy to use! And because it is so easy to use, the feel of your website changes instantly. 

WordPress is widely known and popular. And because of that, a never-ending array of themes have been created to cater to makers in helping them express their website to its fullest. Similar to plugins, most themes are free, while others are paid.

The best themes money can buy, or even free can allow you to customize themes and make them your own. There are some compelling, flexible themes that you can create and own. However, other themes function as frameworks and builders as well.

What can you do in WordPress?

Online portfolios

Using the right and appropriate WordPress Theme, Setting up an online portfolio is a piece of cake when showcasing your achievements, skills, and awards. Put your work out there, including past projects, to reel and convince new clients.

Affiliating websites

WordPress offers numerous dedicated solutions, continuously increasing potential if you want to make a market website or monetize your site in any other way.

News sites

WordPress’s blog formats make news articles both sleek and cohesive, and many of the same features lend themselves to both blogging and news sites.

Online shopping stores

If you are planning to run an online store, using WordPress tools can be very helpful. Many plugins have features useful for online selling and showcasing your products.

Online communities

From forums, clubs, orgs, wikis, and group related pages, WordPress can be used as a hub for online communities.  

Business sites

Whether your business is large or small, you can share information such as Bios contacts and a list of services you offer.


WordPress is most definitely known for blogging, which was its earlier years after expanding into a power source of information with powerhouses as servers.

And when using WordPress, You don’t have to be an IT graduate to do your way with WordPress. The very reason why WordPress is what it is today is because of it being highly customizable and flexible. 

However, it is recommended to get watch videos for reference in helping your way around the nitty-gritty parts.

WordPress 101: A Dummies Guide

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